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We welcome the newest member of the Flygare office staff family, Colleen Donovan, to our staff in November of 2010.  See her introduction and a brief bio in out December 2010 Newsletter.

Yes, there is a free lunch:  We have been doing our meet and greet lunches for a while now.  We bring the food, we set-up, we clean up.  No sales pitch, no power point presentation.  All you need to do is schedule a date and enjoy the good food and the good company.  It’s nice to get to meet, face to face, the people that we speak to on the phone all the time.   If your lunch isn’t scheduled yet,  call us and we’ll get you on the calendar!  Bon Appetit!

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Roger for President: Roger was elected and installed as President of the Washington Court Reporters Association on October 3, 2009  at the Tri-State Court Reporters Convention.  This was the first time that the three states of Idaho, Oregon & Washington had ever help their conventions together in their combined histories.   It was at Roger’s suggestion and his hard work that brought this event forward where he served as Convention Chair and Master of Ceremonies as well.

Rules and Regulations in the Legislature:  Roger sponsored the following to bills before the Washington Legislature in 2010 and they have both passed and will become law 90 days following the regular session.  He dedicated himself to very long days, weeks, months, and actually years to bring these to their final fruition.

Oath & Affirmation Bill:  Washington Certified Court Reporters will now be included in RCW 5.28.010 as persons authorized to administer an oath or affirmation.  Information can be located at this hyperlink:

The signing of HB 2861.  Pictured from left to right: Roger Flygare, Rick Jensen, Governor Christine Gregoire, Dylan Doty, and Gordon Walgren

The signing of HB 2861. Pictured from left to right: Roger Flygare, Rick Jensen, Governor Christine Gregoire, Dylan Doty, and Gordon Walgren

Continuing Education Bill:  Information concerning Mandatory Continuing Education for Washington Certified Court Reporters can be found at this hyperlink:

Photo courtesy of the Washington State Senate. Pictured from left to right: Roger Flygare, Rick Jensen, Dylan Doty, Governor Christine Gregoire, Gordon Walgren, Mark King, and Donna Bankston

Web site updated, June 2008. We have changed the look and feel of our web site and hope it is more user friendly. Be sure to check out our office locations page. You will see that it’s greatly expanded.

Associations and Memberships ~ In order to maintain a healthy court reporter profession, I think that one needs to participate in organizations that look to improve the profession through efforts of continuing education and bringing people together for healthy discussion.

In that regard, I belong to the Washington Court Reporters Association (WCRA), having served two terms as vice president, the Freelance Shorthand Reporters of Washington (FSRWA), where I currently serve as president, the National Court Reporters Association (NCRA) where I have been a member in good standing for nearly 30 years.

Secure Justice ~ In an attempt to bring to the forefront of discussion, SJ issues email flyers to alert our friends and clients in the legal community of serious concerns that confront all of us with the rapid advancement of the Internet and the digital world that is still evolving. We are proud to partner with Secure Justice and support its mission.

Offshore Outsourcing ~ Flygare & Associates is a zero tolerance business regarding offshore outsourcing of your critical and important documents which are laden with sensitive personal and other information that potentially could be harvested and used illegally. Be sure to ask the agencies you use if they support a zero tolerance policy for this practice.

Flygare Office Staff and key positions ~ For those of you not familiar with our courteous and friendly staff, Roger Flygare, CEO, started the agency in 1978 along with Karla Flygare, CFO.

Chris Lewis  joined our office in 1997 as Executive Assistant for the business and he also manages our legal video department.

Janet Hudson, transcriptionist, celebrated her 9th year with us.
**Update, Janet has retired and moved out of state to spend more time with her family.  We miss her and wish her the best.  Happy retirement Janet!

Anna Hirsch, senior transcriptionist, joined our office in 2007.  No longer working in our office.  Still submitting recipe for monthly newsletter.

Jane Wilkerson, transcriptionist, has worked with us since 2006.

Jona Christoe, marketing and technology specialist, web design and transcriptionist, joined our office in 2009.  December of 2011 No longer working in our office, but still involved with the design of the newsletter.

Colleen Donovan, Joined the Flygare office in 2011.

Our corporate lawyer is Stephen Harpold.