Flygare and Associates April 2011 Newsletter

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Lisa Michaels an Open Letter to Governor Schwarzenegger

Funny that Arnold Schwarzenegger’s most famous role was one of playing a machine trying to replace the human world with a machine world and then after an awakening protecting those same humans from machines.  Now in his “real life” Governor Schwarzenegger seems to be reverting to the former position of the machine.  See this answer from Lisa Michaels, president of the …

Tech Talk August 2010

From our Newsletter Archive August 2010.  Click here to see our complete newsletter archive.   Tech Talk By Jona Christoe Marketing and Technology  Need to travel for your next important out-of-town deposition?  We know that setting up an out of town (out of state?) Deposition can be frustrating.  You have to find a location, book a flight, hotel and car, coordinate schedules …

Tech Talk February 2010

From our Newsletter Archive February 2010.  Click here to see our complete newsletter archive.  Tech Talk By Jona Christoe Marketing and Technology   Social Networking for Business   Social Networking is THE buzzword for 2010, but what is it and why should I “waste” my time and energy?   Whether you are getting your hair cut, car fixed, house painted, …

Captain Raj’s Treasure

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