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The Gambia Hospital Project

 The Gambia Hospital Project In late 2009, while working out at 24-Hour Fitness, I had the pleasure of meeting Baboucarr Jallow, an outstanding and highly respected referee for MLS (Major League Soccer).  The two of us got to talking about soccer and our lives in general, and when I asked Baboucarr where he was from originally before relocating to the …

Tech Talk August 2010

From our Newsletter Archive August 2010.  Click here to see our complete newsletter archive.   Tech Talk By Jona Christoe Marketing and Technology  Need to travel for your next important out-of-town deposition?  We know that setting up an out of town (out of state?) Deposition can be frustrating.  You have to find a location, book a flight, hotel and car, coordinate schedules …

Transcription Corner June 2010

From our Newsletter Archive February 2010.  Click here to see our complete newsletter archive.  Transcription Corner By Anna Hirsch Senior Transcriptionist         Thinking Outside The Courtroom! Many people have asked us in the past if Flygare & Associates will transcribe things other than courtroom hearings.  The answer to that question is YES!!   Flygare and Associates In-House transcription department transcribes …

Captain Raj’s Treasure

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