Deposition Reporters


It is the law that a notary public be in the presence of a witness and/or deponent in order to administer an oath for purposes of ascertaining that person’s identity and other obvious reasons.

Flygare Reporters are all:

  • Washington State Certified Court Reporters
  • Notaries public
  • Bonded

RCW and WAC guidelines

  • The Revised Code of Washington (RCW) are the laws which were  created to govern the profession of court reporters.
  • The Washington Administrative Code (WAC) are the guidelines which court reporters must adhere to in order to comply with the standards that have been established by a collective effort of the Department of Licensing (DOL) and the court reporting community.

Reference Accounts

  • Office of the Attorney General – Washington State.  We are an approved vendor for OAG.
  • Ogden Murphy Wallace – Seattle law firm.
  • Williams Kastner – Seattle law firm.
  • Craig Jessup & Stratton – Tacoma law firm.
  • Law Offices of David Harpold – Kent law firm.