Hearing Reporters


Hearing reporters are specialists in that they aid the administrative judges or arbiters in creating a professional and organized structure for reported proceedings.  Hearing reporters do not necessarily need to be a notary public if they are not required to swear people under oath.

Our Hearing Reporters are:

  • Experienced, minimum one-year practical experience to qualify
  • Washington State Certified Court Reporters
  • Bonded

Important Considerations For Hiring a Flygare Hearing Reporter:

  • Accuracy of Transcripts which are formatted to include the necessary elements of a trial transcript which are different from deposition reporting.
  • Timeliness of Submission is a key factor which sets our staff apart.  Our standards exceed those of superior court for submission.

Reference Accounts

  • Department of Energy
  • Department of Ecology
  • Commission of Trade and Economic Development
  • Office of Administrative Hearings
  • US Federal Government, GSA and other agencies.  We are an approved vendor for GSA.