Tech Talk February 2010

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Tech Talk
By Jona Christoe

Marketing and Technology


Social Networking for Business
Social Networking is THE buzzword for 2010, but what is it and why should I “waste” my time and energy?
Whether you are getting your hair cut, car fixed, house painted, finding a court reporter, or hiring a new staff member… would you rather let your fingers do the walking or ask a friend? 
I know I would much rather call someone who is either recommended or an expert in his or her field.   Social Networking can help on both fronts. 
I have found that, by far, the best social networking site for business is Linkedin.  Linkedin is not industry specific so it crosses many demographics and links you to others in your field, service providers, professional opportunities, as well as CUSTOMERS and CLIENTS.
On Linkedin, you can establish yourself as an expert by making public your education, experience, and qualifications.  But the best part of Linkedin, in my opinion, is the ability to give and receive recommendations. 
When I am looking for a service provider, the first thing I do is check Linkedin for firms that have good recommendations from people I know.  Then I look for recommendations from people that my friends know, and so on. 
So I strongly suggest that you join Linkedin, fill out your profile as completely as possible, and take the time and effort to write recommendations for those businesses that have done a good job and ask those that you serve to do the same for you; because, people are looking and with this tool it will help them to find you. 
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