Transcription Corner June 2010

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Transcription Corner

By Anna Hirsch
Senior Transcriptionist    
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Thinking Outside The Courtroom!

Many people have asked us in the past if Flygare & Associates will transcribe things other than courtroom hearings.  The answer to that question is YES!!
Flygare and Associates In-House transcription department transcribes a variety of matters not just court hearings.  We have done numerous appeals hearings for several local school districts when students have been emergency expelled for whatever reason. 
We have transcribed multiple city counsel meetings or other city hearings throughout the Northwest area. 
We have transcribed interviews for possible employee misconduct and for witnesses of a crime in preparation for court trials. 
And as always we have transcribed a variety of text messages off cell phones, voice messages off answering machines, emails, videos, whatever needs to be transcribed.
If you have a hearing or interview you would like transcribed but you do not have a recording device, our in-house videographer will come and record your hearing and we will transcribe off of the video.  We are always willing to work with you to make sure you get what you want when you want it. 

Flygare & Associates In-House Transcription Department transcribes a variety of hearings, meetings, videos, text messages, voice messages, emails, etc.  We are here for all your transcription needs.


Anna Hirsch

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