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Video Vault
By Chris Lewis, FLVS
Legal Video SpecialistClick Here For Our Video Department
BACKUP VIDEO ~ Our Safety Net

As with anything, it is always a good idea to have a backup plan. Yes, I did say “backup” and you might ask how in the heck does that apply to the legal video world?  Let me share with you our office backup protocol for your legal video orders.

 Flygare & Associates’ professional legal video department utilizes today’s technology with its cameras, audio and monitor equipment, but even with all that we still maintain a backup VHS tape recorder.

 You may ask, “What is a backup video tape?”  A backup video tape is just as the name states, a backup tape to the original recording.  We run a color video monitor with a built-in VHS recorder.  We start and stop the tape on each break so the timed recording is exactly as it is on the original. 

 We have been in the legal video field for over 30 years and even though we have never had an equipment failure, which would lead to the use of the backup tape.  Even with our flawless camera work, we still think it is very wise and diligent even today to use our VHS system to provide a very useable, if needed, backup tape.

 So you can sleep easy that when you hire Flygare & Associates for your legal needs.  You can have peace of mind in knowing that not only do we record this on HDD/DVD, we are also running in the background a VHS backup tape.

 Give us a call for an in-office visit if you would like more information or go to and schedule your next deposition legal video production.

Chris Lewis

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