Client Feedback

What a few of our clients have to say about us:

March 24th – Ronald Atwood emailed to say, “I always know I can count on you and your crew. Thanks. “

September 26th – Susan Busack wrote to say, “I think your website is awesome! “ She schedules court reporters for the law firm that she works for in Seattle, Foster Pepper & Shefelman. Thanks from Flygare & Associates for your input!!

March 14th – Helen Fraychineaud, AAG, wrote us…”Thanks. Truly a wild story!! This is one I hope I remember when I’m 80 and telling from my rocking chair!!” Ms. Fraychineaud was relating her experience in the February 2001 earthquake and receipt of the transcript in which she placed a delicate description of the events. Mr. Flygare was with her and he said it was quite a rock in the Pioneer Bank Building in Poulsbo that day.

February 18th – in an e-mail from Mr. J. Schwab (Moses Lake, Washington), he writes: “I got the MAC program. This is tremendous. Really love getting the transcript like this. Please send me info for your company.” Mr. Schwab was referring to E-transcript, one of the many ways transcripts can be delivered to your office. If you have any questions about this product, please e-mail me at

December 16th – Ms. Lisa Nelson, Law Firm of Eims & Flynn, Seattle, Washington has this to say about Flygare & Associates,Chris and the office staff at Flygare & Associates are so helpful and professional. They’ve helped us find conference rooms around the State of Washington and make the other arrangements that are so necessary in a successful law firm. We really can depend on Roger, Shaun, Karen, Robyn, Tami Lynn, Jennifer, and the other reporters taking our depositions and being accurate and delivering our transcripts quickly.”

March 24th – Ms. Gilmore,, writes about one of our reporters, Ms. Tami Lynn Vondran, “You did an excellent job on this transcript. I received the exhibits in plenty of time and it will get to our client on time. I just wanted you to know that we noticed that you take pride in your work.”

March 8th – “Mr. Flygare, As I mentioned to Chris, Kim was very impressed with you and has instructed me to call “you” whenever we are in need of a court reporter.” Shannon Dougherty, Legal Assistant to Kim Adams Pratt, Curran Mendoza P.S.

February 27th – Gary Keehn, a Seattle attorney, has this to say about Flygare & Associates, “They are always professional, their transcripts accurate, and have never arrived at a deposition late.”

February 8th – “We needed a court reporter immediately. We had forgotten to schedule one for a very important deposition. Chris at Flygare & Associates was able to have one of their reporters here within minutes from our telephone call.” Sandy, paralegal, Law office of N. Mannakee, Tacoma, Washington.

January 15th – “I have never been disappointed with their quality, punctuality, and just their altogether professionalism. If you need a court reporter in the Pacific Northwest, give Flygare & Associates a call. You won’t be sorry.” Greg Logue, Attorney at Law, Tacoma, Washington.

January 8th –If you need a court reporting firm that can provide a quick turnaround for your transcripts and can depend on its accuracy, give these guys a call. I highly recommend their services.” David L. Harpold, Attorney at Law.

I am confident that we can meet your legal needs in the Greater Pacific Northwest. Give us a call and let us help you take the worry out of your trip to the beautiful Northwest, Sincerely, Roger G. Flygare, President & CEO