Flygare and Associates April 2011 Newsletter

Newsletter April 2011 Update HB1205 Roger is Running For Office Food Drive Update Aunt Edith’s Mystery Cake Recipe NALS Event April 8th and 9th Hard Drive Crash, “Don’t be like that girl.”

Flygare and Associates March 2011 Newsletter

Newsletter March 2011 HB 1205 Legislative Update Flygare Food Drive See You at NALS Annual Meeting Anna’s Curried Chicken w/Sweet Potatoes Recipe My Adventures in Online Education Part 1

What is Yelp

Tech Talk By Jona Christoe Marketing and Technology What Is Yelp? To quote the Yelp website “Yelp allows consumers to share the experiences they’ve had with local businesses and lets business owners share information about their business with their customers. Simply put, it’s word of mouth– amplified.” Yelp allows businesses to create a listing for their company that can be …

New Email and Aloha Friday

What’s New   Flygare News We have a new email address!  In order to make it easier for you to reach us, we have added the email address as a general customer service address.  You can still reach us at if you like, or feel free to use the new one .  We will respond to you within …

The Gambia Hospital Project

 The Gambia Hospital Project In late 2009, while working out at 24-Hour Fitness, I had the pleasure of meeting Baboucarr Jallow, an outstanding and highly respected referee for MLS (Major League Soccer).  The two of us got to talking about soccer and our lives in general, and when I asked Baboucarr where he was from originally before relocating to the …

Flygare and Associates January 2011 Newsletter

Newsletter January 2011 The Gambia Hospital Project Aloha Friday! Video Vault call for questions What is Yelp? Watergate Salad Recipe