Paper Transcripts

Legal Transcription is not for everyone.  It takes a lot of patience and good listening skills to do this very arduous task.  Our transcriptionists have been performing this for a combined 50 plus years.   We have the experience factor that many law firms need.

We have provided transcripts from murder trials to divorce cases.  We have listened to recordings from cellular phones to audio/video recordings over the Internet.

Our production time and efficiency will exceed your highest demands and our transcription accuracy is always dependable.

If you have a high volume case or recordings that potentially have high volume page counts, you will certainly be doing yourself a favor by calling Flygare & Associates and saving your staff the headaches that come from these projects by not having the right equipment.

Digital Transcripts

Meeting the need, no matter the format…

There are many software vendors with programs that manage digital transcripts including Summation, LiveNote, RealLegal, and others. Flygare & Associates is an authorized reseller of this type of software, and if your law firm is interested in how it can be competitive in the world of litigation and maybe even provide you an edge, give us a call and we can discuss what your specific needs are. We are a leader in this area of court reporting in the State of Washington and have helped created unique programs specific for law firms that are not shared platforms.

Flygare & Associates is also a leading provider in transcribing recorded audio files into useable documents either in court or elsewhere.  We can provide these in a variety of digital formats as requested, including Microsoft Word files, PDF documents, and ASCII files. (If you are going to need ASCII files, be sure to let our office staff know ahead of time and we will see to it that your office is supplied with the correct type of file every time.)

Flygare & Associates can also produce what are known in the industry as E-transcripts.  E-transcripts can create automated word indices that allow the end user to quickly browse multiple transcripts. They are generated from a specialty program written by RealLegal, which we can also discuss providing for your firm if desired.  If you are not familiar with this innovative transcript management tool, give us a call.

We have produced transcripts from cellular telephone recordings to large scale video recordings for major corporations and cities. We have the technology in-house to handle virtually any recording that you may need transcribed.  Our knowledgeable transcribers can assist you quite quickly as we have the best turn-around time in the area.

We can pick up your recordings or receive them via the Internet as an email attachment.  We are able to send them back to you in the same manner.  

Let us know what you need and I’m sure you will be greatly surprised at our capacity to meet that need!

Ready to order your transcripts? Then let’s get to it.

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